About Keith

Keith began as a part-time announcer at the age of 13 in his hometown of Seaford, Delaware at WSUX. We never thought it was a bad set of call letters in Sussex County and the station was a good one that was well respected.

Keith attended and graduated from Syracuse University.  While there he worked at WSEN, WNDR, WNTQ and WSYR AM & FM.

Keith was a program director at the age of 23.  He programmed the legendary WMID in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  From there Keith programmed stations in the Carolinas, Virginia, New York, and Texas.  Keith was also a jock at WXTU in Philadelphia, WSM AM & FM in Nashville and WYNY in New York.

In 1991 Keith joined Country Hall of Fame programmer Moon Mullins as his first associate. Keith has been on consulting teams with Mike O’Malley and Les Acree.

Keith has worked with stations in every state.  While he is known for building big successful radio brands, air talent development, market captivating promotions, cutting-edge ratings analysis. He is best known as the World’s Leading Authority on Music Scheduling.