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Country Record Charts UnReliable

Says the UnConsultant

I write a record “tip sheet” for my client radio stations. Today I added this note. Its long overdue.

Editors Note About Charts More and more the charts have become unreliable.  The gamesmanship in manipulating the charts is at a frenzy.  The Hill Street Journal believes that the power of the artist along with the sonic fit of songs will become the new path to success in Country Radio.  Hill Street also believes in playing songs that will provide a coalition of all demographics.  Lastly, the lyric content will need to match the thinking of the mainstream partisanship that is in the minds and hearts of Country listeners today. 

In this “woke” world radio stations are receiving songs with messages and agendas. I understand the desire for diversity. But what most fail to realize is that free broadcast radio IS DIVERSITY.

Recently Buzz Feed gave press to a Nashville artist about people of color and women being played on Country radio and in concerts. I have said over and over that this is a FREE ENTERPRISE ISSUE. I contact the complainants in that article and asked them if Urban radio should play more white artists. I got no answers.

Remember the radio dial itself IS DIVERSITY.

If you are a radio programmer today you better understand your audience. The kinds of folks they are. What they think, believe and care about. Fail to understand that AND fail to reflect it and your audience will melt faster than ice on 95 degree day in the sun.