Keith Hill - "The UnConsultant" the Fun Consultant

Radio stations are two things: Music and The Other Stuff


Keith is the World’s Leading Authority on Music Scheduling.

He runs the Selector training program at RCS Selector in White Plains, New York

He helped to create and design the interface of Selector XV

To increase TSL, music needs to be presented as a perfectly tossed salad -- the perfect mix of sounds, types,

 tempos, genders, stars, moods, and a perfect spread of artists.

With Keith, your music will be at the zenith of perfection!


Keith believes that what is missing from radio is the FUN!

In the past 15 years, consultants, research and liner cards have taken the fun out of radio.

While your station will be branded with optimized images…

Service images News accurate

Weather accurate and often

Community station as good citizen

Music images Music Quality the best music

Music Quantity the most music

The secret weapon is FUN! For example:

WRONG: (Mr. Big Boy voice) "Beginning Thanksgiving Day, we’ll begin to play Christmas music."

RIGHT & FUN! (Santa voice) "Ho ho ho! WAAA FM 109 is about to play some really great songs! Ho ho! I wait all year long for this. Beginning Thanksgiving Day, WAAA will begin to play Christmas music!"

WRONG: (Jock) "The 9th caller wins the tickets."

RIGHT & FUN! (Air personality) "We're going to take five callers, and the best imitation of George Strait talking and singing wins a pair of tickets to see George Strait at Baskin Robbins arena!"

BORING: "Here’s song 6 of 10 in a row."

FUN! "Wow! Here’s song 13 of 10 in a row!" 

More keys to fun!

Give away pictures of Presidents on Presidents Day!

During the hottest spell of summer, have a game where the qualifying prizes are gloves, scarves, ear muffs, and thermal underwear. Everyone who wins is in a grand prize drawing for the whole home air conditioner!

Here’s a promo that can brand your station as fun:

"Here at WAAA FM 109, we’re getting ready for summer. In order to be the perfect radio station for playing at the pool, the beach, the lake, the back yard, barbecues, picnics and more, we’ve installed the Bug-A-Lator 3000, the only radio station in Anytown to have it. With the Bug-A-Lator 3000, WAAA FM 109 will keep your back yard area completely bug free. Just play a radio tuned to FM 109 WAAA, and the bugs will go away. Here’s how it works. While you hear Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Brooks and Dunn and more, with the Bug-A-Lator 3000, here’s what the bugs will hear. We’ve amplified it 3000 times. (Little bug voice) "Go away there’s no food here… go away… they’ve got a can of Raid! Go away!" So this summer, listen to the only station that has the Bug-A-Lator 3000, and make your summer great and pest free. Only from WAAA FM 109!"

Perfect music…AND Fun! 

Keith Hill cue burned 45’s in the 70s when radio station were more fun.

His career auspiciously began at WSUX! That’s right WSUX!

From WSUX Keith went all the way to the legendary WFIL in Philadelphia.

Keith was on the staff of Philadelphia’s first FM country station, WXTU-FM, and NBC's New York FM country station WYNY-FM!

Tired of boring radio? Then you need the FUNCONSULTANT!

Keith Hill will lead and teach your folks to be personalities and how to do fun radio.

Begin your journey to fun by calling Keith at 252-453-8888. ****


**** Keith’s advice is market exclusive and causes the competition pain, headache, economic difficulty and sometimes leads to competitors changing formats!




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